What Will We Wear?

Will we be naked?

Adam and Eve were naked in the garden before they sinned(Gen. 2:25). Their nakedness symbolized their innocence. Once Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they were ashamed they were naked and covered themselves(Gen. 3:6-7). At first they used leaves for clothing(Gen. 3:7). Later God made Adam and Eve clothes from animal skins(Gen. 3:21). Since Heaven is without sin, and Adam and Eve did not clothe themselves until they sinned, won't we be naked in Heaven?

What the Bible says

We must remember Heaven is not a return to the Garden of Eden. In Heaven, we will still know good from evil unlike Adam and Eve before they ate from the tree. Scripture does not give any indication we will be naked.

In his vision of Heaven, the Apostle John sees martyrs who died for their faith being given white robes to wear(Rev. 6:11). Some have interpreted these robes as a figurative display of holiness. However, the possibility these robes are literal as well as symbolic is just as plausible.

Scripture mentions other examples of clothes in Heaven. John also mentions 24 elders sitting around the throne of God dressed in white clothes and having gold crowns(Rev. 4:4). Whoever these elders are, they are not angels as the word "angel" is not used to describe them. Heaven resident Samuel had a robe on when he came to Earth and talked with King Saul(1 Sam. 28:3-14).

Notice the common color for these is white. White is a color for victory but is also the color representing the cleansing of sin(Isa. 1:18). Jesus says the righteous will wear white clothes(Rev. 3:4-5,18). The martyrs mentioned previously washed their robes and made them white with the blood of Jesus(Rev. 7:14).


Robes were commonly used in Biblical days but are rarely used now. Will we wear clothes other than robes? Perhaps the clothes in Heaven reflected what was on Earth. Heaven could be one step ahead of us in terms of fashion.

Last updated 1/8/2011